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‘BUILD YOUR PLANNER’ is a planner blog that has a motto of:

Build Your Planner, Design Your Life!

The goal of the business is to help you to find a system of organization that suits YOU and keeps your life moving in an intentional way.

While doing this it will keep within a strong value boundary of keeping everything eco-friendly and sustainable.


Personal History

I grew up in a small town in Ireland and it was great. I got my love for time management from my Dad, he was usually early for everything – and so am I. I guess in my DNA is a slightly time-obsessed person.

A bit about me as a person – I am a very fun-loving person. I love travel, new experiences and being social.

A few extra hobbies are – knitting, crochet, reading and lots of walking. I’m 100% a walker!

ABOUT ME NOW! – I am 41, now live in a Dublin apartment with my incredible husband Matt and my dear kitty Lughan.

Working Life

My background is teaching, but I completed an organising course and a certificate in professional life coaching and Voila!!….planning and coaching became my new future. I love bullet journals and use them to help people develop their own personal planning style. This journey led to the birth of ‘Bujoplanner.Kim’.

That business kept me going for about 1 year but now I have become more focus on getting a clear path in my work and business life, so that has led to the birth of ‘’.

Picture of a certificate of professional life coaching - part of an article - build your planner - about me - kim

ABOUT ME -The Qualities that Drive me!

Super committed

I constantly learn and improve and find new ways – but I don’t give up. If I commit – I commit. I am usually in something for the long haul.

Deeply focused

I seem to have the ability to stay focused for long periods of time when it comes to mental work. I can sit down and work and work and work – but I don’t because I also try to be balanced.


I am constantly monitoring myself – should I stop now. I always want to make sure that I have a good work/life balance and I strive to learn about this always.

Kim the obsessed

Kim with the love of her life

Kim on a good day