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Cute and effective: 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

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Picture of a planner with a pencil and some glasses laid on top. Part of an article 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

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Table of Contents

Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Beginners – Introduction

Welcome bujo newbie! I’m here to provide 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners so that you don’t get stuck after the first page.

Maybe you have done the google search: bullet journal ideas beginners, and you have seen that there is a lot out there. In fact it’s a bit overwhelming.

I want you to be able to embark on your bullet journal journey without that overwhelm. So I thought a small, cute and effective collection of page ideas might be just what you need.

I hope you find them helpful.

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Yearly Pages

Future Log

Picture of a bullet journal future log. Part of an article showing 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

When you look for easy bullet journal ideas for beginners, this one is likely to show up. Here is what you need to know about the future log:

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! Unless you plan to set you your full year all at once, with every month dated then this future log is essential. It is a place you can write future events when you haven’t yet set up that completed month. It’s very functional and you can make it very cute.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! It really is one of the easy bujo ideas for beginners because all you need is 12 boxes, or sections. One for each month. You can write in the calendar, or leave it blank like this one. Put your preferred decorations around the side, write your title and your page is done.

Quote page

Picture of a bullet journal quote page. Part of an article showing 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

A quote page is one of those cute bullet journal ideas for beginners. It’s not difficult and it can have a powerful effect.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! A quote is something personal, it is motivating for you. It is something that is going to give you drive when you open your bullet journal and that is a big enough reason for me as to why you should have one.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! Really the quotation marks and the decorating are not so difficult, but actually writing out the quote in a beautiful way, might be tricky. Here is some help. Try to keep your lettering simple and it will help you loads.

Goals page

I haven’t included a picture here because I believe your goal page should be set up to suit you personally. But here are some ideas:

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! I believe the biggest benefit of my bullet journal journey has been personal growth. That wouldn’t have happened with a normal planner. I was able to create goal pages specific to my needs and found that they have worked great.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! This is very individual but I usually have a space for stating the goal, stating the how and what resources are needed, then a space for action steps and when they will happen.

Memories page

Picture of a memories page in a bullet journal. Part of an article: 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

This is one for the EASY bullet journal ideas for beginners. It’s such a quick set up, and so nice to look back on.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! I love looking back on my old bullet journals. It’s so nice to be able to see what the main things were happening in each month. It’s a great way to have a potted history of a year.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! It’s so simple, just a little bit of space for each month. You could even just write the months down the left and have just horizontal lines. Whichever suits you.

Monthly Pages

Cover Page

Picture of a bullet journal monthly cover page that is decorated with hedgehogs. Part of an article about 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

I think the cover page is a basic for cute bullet journal ideas for beginners. It can create a lovely entrance to a new month in your planner and let your creative juices flow.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! It allows you to set a new theme, a new focus and a new vibe for a new month. It is such a cute page.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! You can leave out any boxes, and just write the month name and then decorate. Or no decoration can give a lovely minimal look. It’s all about your aesthetic choice for this one.


I don’t need to show you what a calendar looks like but it is a STAPLE in a bullet journal. I have come across a couple of bullet journalers who don’t use a calendar, but they are definitely in the minority. I know I absolutely need mine.

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  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! It’s a great way of clearly seeing your events for the month. But I don’t stop there. I include other things in my calendar like: nature time, doing a visit on someone who is sick or elderly, having a shopping afternoon. All those kind of things.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! There are classic horizontal calendars but there is also the option to make a vertical calendar if that sits better with you. Think outside the box and switch it around for you.

Task Dashboard

Picture of a task dashboard for a bullet journal. Part of an article about 10 bullet journal page ideas for beginners

This is where I transfer my goal action steps and also include my regular monthly tasks so that I have them all to see in one spot.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! If you search bullet journal ideas beginners this is probably not going to come up. But this is why I think you should have it. It organizes all those different areas of your life onto one page. You can include all the things you personally need to see for a month, and you will wonder how you ever managed without this page.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! It is about creating boxes as you need them. I use an Alastair method for the tasks as this really suits me. For focus and other things I have just empty boxes, but you make it as you need.


Trackers are a bullet journal win. They look very cute and are so effective. There are so many ideas out there so I will let you find the idea that inspires you.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! A tracker helps you to know how good or bad you are doing in a certain thing. You can look back and see if there are patterns, maybe you always fall off the wagon on Friday. You get to see yourself.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! You can create a calendar grid, or you can do 2 horizontal lines of 15 spaces, or you can use a circular tracker, there are lots of techniques for tracking. Use your imagination for this one.

Blank Page

Yes that’s right, your bullet journal needs blank pages. You will find extra things you want to write – it always happens.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! It isn’t one of the obvious bullet journal page ideas for beginners but it is so so helpful. Maybe you want to brain dump or stategies on something, try some new pens, whatever it is – the blank page is there for you.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! You don’t!

Weekly pages

Weekly dashboard

Picture of a weekly spread in a digital bullet journal. It has a vertical layout with times down the left side.

A weekly dashboard is a staple for your bullet journal. It is also one of the easy bullet journal ideas for beginners.

  • WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE IT! It means you can open it each and every day and know how your week is shaping up.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT! There are options: vertical and horizontal layouts and just simple square boxes for each day. It’s up to your preference and needs.

Last thoughts

So let’s answer: What pages should be in a bullet journal?

A bullet journal style planner needs essential pages like: a future log, a monthly calendar and a weekly dashboard. That is just for seeing events. But you can add goals, trackers, and memories pages as you wish and it becomes the perfect unique planner for YOU.

I really want to hear your bullet journal page ideas for beginners. Tell me your favorites and what you plan to use in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading, I wish you well.

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