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A Comprehensive Guide to Budget and Eco Friendly Bullet Journal Supplies

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Lots of eco looking stationery laid out diagonally in an aesthetic way. Part of an article - A Comprehensive Guide to Budget and Eco Friendly Bullet Journal Supplies

I know I’ve searched for budget and eco friendly bullet journal supplies, so I’m sure you have too. Let me help you with this guide.

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Budget & Eco friendly Bullet Journal Supplies – Into

Possibly like me when starting out on the bullet journal journey, you didn’t want this hobby to take a lot of money.

Also possibly like me, as you get into things, you realize that this could have an environmental impact and so eco friendly options were something you began to search for.

If these two issues are close to your heart like they are mine, then we are in the same tribe family.

This article is going to try to give you a comprehensive guide, to the best of my ability, knowing that my readers are from all over the world.

Assessing Your Needs

It is a really good idea before doing any buying to work out what your needs are.

In fact, this is the first step to budget friendly bullet journal supplies, and eco friendly bullet journal supplies.

Think about what you will USE.

  • What aesthetic are you drawn to?
  • What supplies are popular but you are willing to sacrifice?
  • What will get you the result you are looking for?

These are really good questions to ask to make sure you are tapping into what suits you.

In fact you might consider setting up a bullet journal starter kit, with only essentials in it.

Budget friendly bullet journal supplies

If you are interested in budget friendly options but not so much the eco options then this section is for you.


Possibly one of the cheapest possible options online is AliExpress.

There are some other options depending on where you live, eBay is one I have used before. You might also find some places that sell things individually like JetPens, and some places have free shipping over a certain amount. If you live in the states you probably have access to online stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, which often have reasonable domestic shipping.

A graphic that looks like eco handmade paper on the background. A bag of money and a recycle logo in a circle and then a title that says A Comprehensive Guide to Budget and Eco Friendly Bullet Journal Supplies

Physical Options


Your best bet for budget options is to go to your nearest big town or city and find the best big discount store. Here in Ireland we have – Euro Giant and Dealz. In the states – Dollar Tree. In the UK – Poundland. These will often at least have cheap pens and stationery accessories if not the dotted notebook.

You might also want to check out some markets and book stalls, sometimes they will have notebooks that have been donated or are new.


That’s right you can absolutely create a budget friendly bullet journal notebook by making your own. Printer paper is very cheap and you can find a inexpensive binding option too.

If you are interested in this, I have a whole section of blog posts under PLANNERS > MAKE YOUR OWN PLANNER

Eco friendly bullet journal supplies

This section is for you if you are interested in eco options but are not too phased by price.


One of my favorites is a lovely small business called YourBujo. They do worldwide shipping and are definitely eco warriors.

Also you could try Etsy, often there are small eco businesses doing great things.

Another great option is Dingbats. They also sell pens which is a real bonus. More about eco pens in this article.

Physical Options

For eco bullet journal supplies I have managed to find an amazing shop in Ireland called KLEE PAPER. They sell recycled paper and stationery and then I can use that to create my own bullet journal.

I definitely recommend doing research for small hand crafted businesses in your own area, I bet you can find some local eco warriors that are doing their bit in your corner of the world.

Both Budget and Eco Friendly

So now let’s see if there is some way we can bring these two things together.


One thing I discovered is that sometimes on the big websites such as JetPens, if you use the search box and type ‘eco friendly’ you will find that they do carry some products, and often these are not too expensive.

I discovered the same with Erin Condren’s website too. These I would say are average prices though rather that super budget.

Eco looking pen on the left, eco notebook in the middle and some leaves on the right. Part of an article - A Comprehensive Guide to Budget and Eco Friendly Bullet Journal Supplies


I honestly think the best option that is budget and eco is – Digital bullet journals. This is what I now personally use.

But for physical bullet journal supplies, I would say – make your own with recycled paper, but from your nearest and local eco warrior but just make sure you only buy what you need rather than going crazy.

Personally I still think there is a gap in the market for eco friendly markers, so we’ll hopefully be able to update this post at a future time.


I hope this article has helped you out with regard to budget friendly bullet journal supplies and eco friendly bullet journal supplies.

I know it is the bullet journal buying guide I would have wished for when I started out!

But I have one more tip to share to finish out this article:


Yes, definitely. They provide good inspiration if you are feeling a bit blocked creatively, and any blank pages can be repurposed into new bullet journal content. So it’s worth stacking them up in some cupboard of your home.

That’s it, hope you found this useful, thanks so much for being here today.


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