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Build the Perfect Bujo with these Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

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A mini shopping cart is holding a notebook, pens, highlighter and other stationery supplies. Part of an article: Build the Perfect Bujo with these Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

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Sometimes finding bullet journal supplies for beginners can be overwhelming – So I’m here to help!

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Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners – Introduction

Some in the bullet journal community have been kind enough to let us see their:

collection of bullet journal supplies

and to say they have a lot is an understatement!!

If you are starting out, you really want to minimize overwhelm, you just want to get started right.

Really we want to focus on the benefits of bullet journaling and how to enjoy those benefits as quickly and easily as possible – am I right?

So in this article I will be providing an overview of the different bullet journal supplies and help you feel empowered to decide what you want to have and what you are going to skip on.

A background has some splashes in different colors, at the bottom left there is a pot with some pain brushes in. The text title takes up most of the image. It says: Build the Perfect Bujo with these Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

The Essentials

Here I will provide a list of what I consider to be essential supplies for bullet journaling. I have another article if you want to go into more detail:

5 Essentials You NEED for Your Bullet Journal Starter Kit

Let’s see some of this essential bullet journal supplies list:


This is the obvious and most important.


Some do prefer a lined or graph notebook, but the vast majority like the dotted notebook. For creating boxed calendars, and other layouts a dotted or grid notebook makes life easier. But for an analog style of planning a lined notebook works well.


I think this is essential as you can make mistakes and rub them out before going in with your pen. For me this is essential as a beginner. Later on, you might not need it but for now you will.

Let’s run though the others quickly:


These should be with you when you start out on creating your first bullet journal. But now let’s talk about the extras. What are the best bullet journal supplies for beginners?

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the supplies needed for bullet journal are also all the extra addictive stationery loves.

I’m sure you like me want all of the things when it comes to stationery, but let’s just talk about the purpose these have when it comes to bullet journals.

  • MARKERS. Markers are included on any bullet journal supplies list because if you want to add decoration or art to your bullet journal markers are the way to color in. Please only use water-based markers as alcohol markers will bleed through your page.
  • RULER. If you are keen on keeping your lines straight then you will need a ruler. For some they like the hand drawn look, but it isn’t for everybody.
  • WASHI TAPE. This serves for some as a marking tool to keep a colored line straight, but also some use washi tape as decoration. You can also now get washi tapes that you can write on top of as if they are paper.
  • STICKERS./ This is included in bullet journal supplies for beginners if they feel they are not arty themselves. There are now so many options when it comes to stickers, you are bound to be able to find your personal style.
  • STAMPS. Personally I love stamps, because you buy it once and you can reuse it again and again, maybe with different color ink. Or some I have seen stamp with black ink and then color in as if the stamp was drawn art. Just make sure your notebook has thick paper if you want to use stamps.
  • STENCILS. Another great one for beginners this tool can be so helpful. You can also quite easily create your own stencils if you cut them out of card.
  • FUN PENS. Yes, there are so many fun ideas now – 3d pens, paint pens, the world is your oyster when it comes to pens.
A pile of clear alphabet stencils fill the whole image. Part of an article: Build the Perfect Bujo with these Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

Buying Supplies

I’ll be honest this is a very difficult area for me to address because when I look at who reads my blog posts, you are all over the world.

And I am aware that the easiest is probably Amazon, but I don’t use Amazon on principle so I want to suggest some alternatives.


As you can see above I have recommended ‘A Cherry On Top’. I have an affiliate with them and they have so much choice so I definitely recommend them.

Another recommendation I have for online is ‘Etsy’. They have so much available and you are likely supporting small businesses which is a double win.

Local Shops

If you are in America you are likely to have loads of options on your doorstep.

I am in Ireland so I did an article to help out my fellow Irish bullet journalers.

Whatever country you are in – try the bigger cities and I am very confident you will find the best bullet journal supplies for beginners somewhere around. You might need to do some research first.

You can check this guide if you are interested in Budget or Eco Friendly Supplies.

Happy Hunting!


In conclusion we saw that when it comes to Bullet Journal supplies there are 2 different things:

  • Supplies NEEDED for bullet journal start up.
  • Then there is the EXTRAS bullet journal supplies list.

Here is something to remember though:

Start small and build up your collection of supplies.

I spent a lot of money in the beginning on things that were mistakes and things that I didn’t end up using. Let us save some time and money and not to mention the planet’s resources and try to keep things simple.

What do you think? Did this help you think about what you might get for yourself? Please let me know in the comments what you consider to be essential for a bullet journal.

Thanks so much for being here today,


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