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Bullet Journal Ireland – Everything You Need To Know

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Picture of a map with a focus looking through a magnifying glass on Ireland. To the right there is a bullet journal notebook. Part of an article: bullet journal Ireland - everything you need to know

Bullet journal Ireland – Introduction

Are you a bullet journal enthusiast living in Ireland? Then this bullet journal Ireland guide is what you will need. We are in a small country right? So let’s put our heads together and create a guide for everything we need for bullet journaling in ireland.

About bullet journaling in general

Just in case you are new to the idea of bullet journaling, it is a tool to help you stay organized. 

Usually a dot grid notebook is what is called a ‘bullet journal’. Then you can create ‘spreads’ which are specific layouts that help you to be productive and organized. 

The original bullet journal method required just a pen and ruler, but it has grown into a whole community of people doing creative planning and decorating their spreads, often which monthly themes such as butterflies, or jellyfish.

Bullet journal Ireland – the challenges

I’m going to assume that if you are reading this, like me, you live in Ireland. So let’s now delve into the specifics of bullet journaling Ireland and what I have learned along the way.

I’ve been bullet journaling for about 4 1/2 years now. One thing I can tell you is ‘bullet journal supplies Ireland’ shows up not too many results when you search for it. 

This is one of the major challenges if you want to bullet journal in Ireland.

If you want to go further a field and get all those beautiful stationery items you see, then you have the joy of paying through the roof for postage. 

The other issue is we are a very small community. In the USA, they do meet ups, gatherings and all sorts of bullet journal community things happen. But here in little old Eire, not enough of a community has formed. [Please tell me if things are actually happening and I’m missing out on the action]

Bullet journal supplies Ireland

Picture of a map of ireland. The title reads: bullet journal ireland - everything you need to know

Now, let’s get down to business. I’m guess what you really are here for is supplies. Where do we buy bullet journal supplies in Ireland.

First let’s start with what’s available in PHYSICAL SHOPS. [I apologize if these shops are all in Dublin, I live here and so that’s where I go. There may be local branches of these shops that you might have to look out for yourself]

Physical shops

  • Muji [5 Chatham Street, Dublin 2]. This shop is a wonderful stationery supply shop for bullet journals and more. They have a selection of spiral bound dot grid notebooks, and they have a great selection of clever rulers, gel pens and office supplies.
  • Paperchase [Inside Arnotts, Henry Street, Dublin 1]. It was in Paperchase that my husband bought me my first dot grid notebook. It was love at first sight, lol. Something to note about Paperchase is that I see the brand has been bought by Tesco. I did notice the bullet journal Paperchase section of Arnotts was smaller than it used to be, so maybe we will start to see Paperchase products in other places such as Tesco [I haven’t looked yet]. 
  • Eason [40 Lower O’Connell Street, Dublin 1]. Eason does very good school supplies, but they also carry a range of notebooks and pens that are truly beautiful. They also carry some good markers that are ideal for bullet journaling like Crayola Supertips. These are my favorite markers, and can be got in Eason.
  • The Works [Unit 48/49a, Ilac Shopping Centre, Dublin 1]. This shop is a great shop. You can find all sorts of craft supplies, and the price is very good. I have bought markers here and they have been ok. Not amazing, but for the price they were ok.
  • The Range [5 Clonshaugh Road, Northside, Dublin]. This is where I was able to buy some fancy Spectrum metallic brush pens. Also this is a fantastic shop for getting stencils, stamps and washi tapes.

Now we will look at what is on offer if you search ONLINE RETAIL. This opens up more options when you search ‘bullet journal supplies Ireland’. [I won’t be able to include everything here, so please do extra research too.

Online Retail

  • The reason why I promote this as an option is that even if it is not local, it likely is still supporting small businesses and there are many options even when you include the filter of ‘free shipping’. There are so many stamps, washi tapes and supplies here. It is a wonderland of wonderful things. 
  • This little gem of an online shop do carry some Leuchtturm bullet journals, these are super popular in the bullet journal community. They also have some stencils and washi tapes too. I’m very happy to see their selection. 
  • I’m not 100% sure where they are based, but they do free worldwide shipping and they are all about bullet journaling. So if you want ‘bullet journal supplies Ireland’ this is where you should end up.
  • I have used eBay for a lot of bullet journal supplies. I like that you can do more specific searches like ‘eco-friendly’ bullet journal and many options will show up. But you do have to work in the price of the shipping and customs to know if it is within budget.

There are more options of course, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you want an Irish made notebook, but not especially dot grid – then badly made books would be a good option. If you want markers and pens then arts n hobby would be where to go.

Bullet journal community Ireland

Picture of a large group of people sitting on the floor. Part of an article: bullet journal ireland - everything you need to know

As I mentioned earlier the number of people bullet journaling in Ireland is quite small. 

But, it is my belief that the number is growing and we really should start coming together as a community and see what we can learn from each other, and how we are doing using our bullet journals.

If you are part of the bullet journal ireland community, please post on Instagram and use that hashtag #bulletjournalireland.

I can’t wait to find you all and learn what you are doing.

I really hope you have enjoyed looking at this article, I really appreciate all who stop by this corner of the internet. 

I’m here to help you to Build YOUR Planner & Design YOUR life

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