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Meet the Stars: 5 Famous Bullet Journalers and Their Story

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Two hands cup around a circle of paper cut out men and women. Part of an article: Meet the Stars: 5 Famous Bullet Journalers and Their Story

Let’s get into the community side of bullet journaling and meet the famous bullet journalers who helped shape that community.

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Famous Bullet Journalers – Introduction

At the time of writing this blog post there are 10.4million posts on Instagram with the tag of #bulletjournal.

That is AMAZING!

Such a big community sharing their inspiration, tips and tools all for the world of bullet journalers. I am so proud of this community.

The only way that I got into it myself was because of finding the famous bullet journal celebrities that inspired me to get going with my own journey.

It would be my honor to highlight the 5 most famous bullet journalers in my humble opinion. For others it might be a different list.

1. Ryder Carroll

Personal History

Ryder had ADHD so as a youth realized that he needed a system to help him focus and get organized. He tried many different things and persevered through setbacks.

Eventually he cracked a system that really worked. He was using this and achieving great things in his professional life.

Eventually he shifted his career and made helping others with his original bullet journal method his new professional focus.


In 2013 was launched. It started with some basic information about his organization system and a tutorial video.

It went viral!

It has continued to grow as a company year on year and now it can be said that Ryder Carroll is truly one of the bullet journal masters.

He has given a way to help millions to organized themselves intentionally and simply. He is a huge supporter of others in the community and often showcases other’s work.

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He has done TED talks, written books, produced bullet journal tools, and courses in his bullet journal community.

What a Legend!! Thanks Ryder!!

A photo film shows a photo of two hands cupping a circle of paper cut outs of men and women. Part of an article: Meet the Stars: 5 Famous Bullet Journalers and Their Story

2. Amanda Rach Lee

Personal History

Amanda, based in Toronto, Canada, started a YouTube channel back in 2012. [Go watch her first video, it is the cutest].

But this was not the start of her bullet journal career. In fact at this time Amanda was sharing fashion and beauty videos.

It was not until 2017 that Amanda shared her first bullet journal setup video on her channel. Needless to say is was massively popular.


Amanda has become one of the most influential bullet journal celebrities in her bullet journal career.

She grew in popularity through her YouTube channel and Social Media platforms making the idea of adding decoration and creating art in our planners accessible for all to try.

People started to copy her monthly themes. She shared those recreations and more people tried them.

Now she has gone on to sell her own branded pre-made art bullet journals, and accessories too. Her products often sell out not long after launch.

3. Boho Berry

Personal History

Kara is for sure one of the famous bullet journalers. In recent years, she has taken a step back, and her website is still down, but from what I have been able to discover this is her personal information:

She is from the states, currently based in Fort Worth, Texas!

She started her bullet journaling YouTube channel in 2015, so was one of the early Bujo Masters.

One of her early videos is her expressing her love for the bullet journal community and she has been a big influence in shaping it.

Her style of bullet journal is less artistic and more creative in the layouts and spreads department.


Kara started a YouTube account first and then blog and went onto grow her following to hundreds of thousands.

With all that support she was a thriving bullet journal influencer.

In recent times, she has stated that due to difficulties in her personal life she is taking a step back from the limelight.

All I can say is that I wish Kara all the best.

4. Plans that Blossom

Personal History

From what I can find out Nicole from Plans that Blossom doesn’t have a personal blog with an about page, and I am so sorry to say that I have not been following her from the beginning, so I am limited with what I know about Nicole [So sorry Nicole]

What I can see is that she is based in New Jersey and she is best know as an illustrator and graphic designer.

She is also a mum which I think really helps her be relatable to a whole bunch of busy moms who want to incorporate bullet journaling in their life.


She actually works as a product designer for children’s craft kits on licenses such as Disney, Marvel and Warner Brothers.

But her Bullet Journal career seemed to begin in 2017.

She now has an Instagram, YouTube and an Amazon page highlighting her product ‘Tracking My Life’.

A woman sits up in bed. She has a blanket over her, we don’t see her face. She has a notebook open and is writing in it. She has more books at her side with a mug resting on the top.

5. Art_n_Foxes

Personal History

Again Laura from Art_n_foxes doesn’t seem to have an ‘about me’ page on her site, so I don’t have personal information except that she is Laura! Lol


Laura is one of our newer influences – she started her YouTube channel in 2020.

One of the things she is famous for is her artwork and this quickly grew in popularity.

I have thoroughly enjoyed following Laura’s bullet journal journey, as her themes are always very involved, quite elaborate and showcase her beautiful work.

She currently seems to have many affiliate links with discounts and along with here instagram and YouTube, that is where here career currently stands.



We have learned that bullet journaling is a journey. These masters have been going a long time and have put the work in.

There is a lot included in the term bullet journalers, and there are many ways to make a career from it.


Some other expressions that are similar are: BuJoing; Creative Planning; Art Planning; Daily Logging; or just Journaling. They all refer to using a dot grid notebook for planning or journaling or both.


That’s very understandable to think about. Making the switch is a decision you have to make but you might find this article helpful to give you clarity about your decision.

What are your thought? Are these the 5 most famous influential bullet journalers? I’d love to hear your opinion below.


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