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12 Easy Doodles for Your First Bullet Journal Year

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A close up of an open notebook with a glass pot to the side containing pens and markers. Part of an article: from blank page to planner how to make a bullet journal. Also part of an article: 12 easy doodles for your first bullet journal year

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Easy doodles are really important when you are starting your first bullet journal, you don’t want to get too overwhelmed with the art. So let’s look at some nice and easy doodling options.

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12 Easy Doodles – Introduction

This is the kind of article I really could have done with in my first year of bullet journaling. I think it can very quickly happen that you start to have creative block and wonder what theme should I do next.

That’s why I am here to help.

This article is going to go through each month and give you an easy quick option to doodle as your theme for that month.


So let’s begin..

1. January – Snowdrops

Don’t worry, it sounds hard, but it’s not.

  • Step 1 – the stem at the top of the flower
  • Step 2 – the first front petal
  • Step 3 – the side petals
  • Step 4 – the rest of the stem
  • Step 5 – the leaves
  • Step 6 – color it in
Picture tutorial of drawing a snowdrop. Part of an article: 12 easy doodles for your first bullet journal year

Now I think keeping this simple to a white and green theme is beautiful. You could add an extra color if you wanted for the lettering. For example you could write your ‘January’ title in a light lilac color – that would be stunning.

You could do little snowdrops all over the page or make a statement with a little bunch of snowdrops together as 1 bigger picture.

2. February – Candy / Sweets

I personally don’t have a sweet tooth, but these are some easy doodles.

  • Step 1 – draw an oval
  • Step 2 – the side wrapper bits
  • Step 3 – little circles for decoration
  • Step 4 – the lollipop itself
  • Step 5 – the stick
  • Step 6 – color it in
picture tutorial for drawing candy

I’ve given you 2 options here, but you could also instead of the oval, do a long, thin rectangle which would give you one of those long little sweets [I live in Ireland, we call them sweets here].

I think these make an amazing theme because you can go super colorful giving the look a real personal touch.

3. March – Clouds

This has to be one of the easiest things to doodle.

  • Step 1 – draw a fairly flat bottom
  • Step 2 – then add the lumpy top
  • Step 3 – add little lumps for the 3d effect
  • Step 4 – add raindrops if you want
  • Step 5 – color it in
picture tutorial of drawing clouds

If you have ever wondered – what can I draw quick?

Clouds and raindrops are probably one of the easiest and quickest things to draw, in my opinion. There are other things like hearts and oak leaves too, but clouds and raindrops are such a quick and versatile doodle.

It seems to me that you just can’t go wrong with this one. You can also add your own color scheme, I’ve seen some very colorful clouds in bullet journal themes.

4. April – Ducks

Ducks are just cute, they might not be as easy as clouds, but I know you can do it.

  • Step 1 – the head and body
  • Step 2 – the neck and beak
  • Step 3 – the feet
  • Step 4 – the wing
  • Step 5 – the eye and extras
  • Step 6 – color it in
picture tutorial of drawing duck doodles

I love the idea of a page full of these ducks – don’t you.

I haven’t actually done this as a theme myself but I’m going to give it a try soon. The colors, again, can be your own choice.

I imagine you could get pretty quick at drawing these and hopefully the theme would not take too long.

5. May – Lavender

Lavendar looks complicated but I promise you it is one of the easy doodles.

  • Step 1 – draw your top petal
  • Step 2 – work your way down drawing more petals
  • Step 3 – add your stem
  • Step 4 – add leaves
  • Step 5 – color it in
picture tutorial of drawing lavender doodles

I love a lavender theme, it just feels relaxing to look at it. I did two crossing flowers quite small and then just did loads of them around the page.

Another tip for this one is to use various purple colors so that it adds variety.

6. June – Hearts

I like a heart doodle in June because it is my wedding anniversary month. Plus it’s really easy!

  • Step 1 – do your big outer left side
  • Step 2 – now for the right side
  • Step 3 – start adding your inner hearts
  • Step 4 – color them in
picture tutorial of drawing heart doodle

I like this style of heart because it gives you the option of adding various colors, but of course there are other options, like a heart baloon. But any heart doodle multiplied gives a great effect.

7. July – Lemons & Limes

This one is a complete summer vibe.

  • Step 1 – 2 big circles
  • Step 2 – make quarters
  • Step 3 – two segments in each quarter
  • Step 4 – repeat the same thing but smaller
  • Step 5 – color the big one yellow
  • Step 6 – color the smaller one green
picture tutorial of drawing lemon and lime doodles

I love this type of easy doodling – just all about the color and the vibe.

You could also add little water drops for the juice effect.

8. August – Jellyfish

This is such a cute and easy doodle.

  • Step 1 – create the dome top
  • Step 2 – the wavy bottom
  • Step 3 – add the tendrils
  • Step 4 – and more wispy ones
  • Step 5 – color it in
Picture tutorial of drawing jellyfish doodles

You could also add some little sea waves to indicate the theme is under water. That would look super cute. I think when I did this theme, I also added some fish.

9. September – Oak Leaves

An oak leaf doodle is so easy – wait til you see.

  • Step 1 – draw a curved line
  • Step 2 – the little branches
  • Step 3 – add the curvy leaf around the stems
  • Step 4 – color it in
picture tutorial of drawing oak leaf doodle

An oak leaf doodle is surprisingly easy. I remember when I first did this, I was shocked at how quick, easy and effective it is/

10. October – Hedgehogs

This is an adorable theme.

  • Step 1 – start with the oval body
  • Step 2 – add the pointy face
  • Step 3 – draw all the spikes
  • Step 4 – add feet and face details
  • Step 5 – color
picture tutorial of drawing a hedgehog doodle

This gives me lovely warm cozy fall / autumn vibes. I suggest making sure that your little hedgehog has a little smile attached for extra cuteness.

11. November – Hot Chocolate

This is versatile because you can color your mug as you like.

  • Step 1 – the body of the cup
  • Step 2 – the handle and decorations
  • Step 3 – the cream on top
  • Step 4 – the stick
  • Step 5 – color it in
picture tutorial for drawing a hot chocolate doodle

This is one I want to try next year. It can still be colorful, but also so cozy. Another option is to add some steam coming off the mug.

12. December – Moon & Stars

These are really easy shapes when you get into a routine.

  • Step 1 – the moon
  • Step 2 – in pencil – 2 triangles
  • Step 3 – outline the stars
  • Step 4 – rub out the pencil
  • Step 5 – color them in
picture tutorial of drawing moon and star doodles

These are very effective, I’ve also added planets and shooting stars to this theme too and it looks very cute.


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Did you agree, these are really easy doodles – aren’t they?

I hope you find this year full of easy doodling no stress, and fun to create.

Please do let me know below if you plan to try any of these, I love to hear from you. Thanks so much for being here.


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