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Unlocking Productivity: Are Printable Planners Worth It?

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We all want to be productive, right? And we are always looking for the best tools to help us. So a big question people ask is: Are printable planners worth it? That is the question we are going to explore today and hopefully you will be able to draw a happy conclusion.

Are Printable Planners Worth It? – Introduction

There really is no end to the amount of planners, app, digital products that are all aimed to boost productivity. And I would like to point out that this blog post in no way puts down those tools. I use them and like them.

Yet, you might be suprised to know that printable planners are growing in popularity. Why is this?

We are going to explore this topic today. What makes people go to the effort of printing out and creating their own planner when there are so many pre-made tools are available?

So, Are They Worth It?

First, let’s define what is a printable planner.

A printable planner is a group of planner pages stored as files that you buy or make, usually PDF files. You then can get them printed at a print shop, or if you have a printer, you can print them yourself. You then insert them into a planner cover or create your own planner using the pages and a homemade cover.

Picture of a printable with someone writing on it. The title says: Are printable planners worth it

‘Are printable planners worth it?’ This is an important question.

If they are a whole new productivity tool could be opened up to you. If they are not then you could be wasting precious time and energy that could be used with something else.

The relevance of using a printable planner is seen in the fact that many are now creating printable planner templates for you to customize. Planifypro comes to mind.

People are starting to see their purpose in their own life.

Really a planner should work as a tool to organize your personal life. Planners that other people create may not work for YOU! This could be the reason why many people are now seeing the value of creating their own personal planner.

Let’s explore some more benefits.

The Benefits of Printable Planners

Here are some advantages of using printable planners:

  • Customization for individual needs. We already talked a little about this one, but it is a key benefit. You would no longer be needing to pass by empty planner pages to find the few that you actually use.
  • Accessibility. Printable planner pages can be very versatile, you can turn them into a digital planner. You can choose the type of physical planner you like and use your printed pages in it. You can also find printable planner pages to buy to save you the work, or make your own. There are so many options.
  • Cost-effective. Even if you buy a printable planner bundle, if will be cheaper than a physical planner. If you completely make them yourself then it’s cheaper again. Of course if you are going down the pay route, for both the planner pages, and to get them printed, you will need to look into whether that is cost-effective for you.
  • Eco-friendly option. This is my personal favorite of the benefits. If you get recycled paper and make a recycled cover then you can have a physical planner but a completely eco-friendly one. [Read: Sustainable Planning: Create Your Own Eco Friendly Planner [Discbound]]
  • Space for creativity. This is another fantastic benefit. It can be a creative outlet. It is for me. I personally love coming up with ideas for my own planners. What will work best functionally and what art and themes I might want to create.

Buying Printable Planners


People tend to buy printables for 3 reasons. The first is that it can be time-saving, with instant access and download. The second is the ability to re-print the same printable as many times as they need, and thirdly for cost – they avoid shipping costs and a lot of production costs.

These are great reasons to look into whether finding pre-made printables is the right option for you. Also there is so much variety now, it might be more possible to save your self the work and find the perfect pre-made option.

Where can you get them?

An excellent starting place is ETSY. There are so many small businesses that you would be supporting by buying from a maker there. You can also find by doing an internet search that there are whole websites dedicated to printables.

Picture of a scales, on one side of a clock and on the other side is money.

Tips for Maximizing Printables

So we are interested in the question ‘are printable planners worth it?’ So let’s say yes, but only if you maximize their use.

If you use some printable planner templates and just get something done as quick as possible, it’s unlikely you are going to find them worth it.

But if you put the work in and think about what you specifically use and need. Spend the time finding or making them then you will love to plan.

I think this is a big key in being consistent with using planners. If you have the style and function right you will keep using your planner and all of it.

[Read: Two Planner Types Explained – Structured and Open Style]


Hopefully you have now seen the benefits of printable planner making and buying. You have been able to see the advantages of printable planners over other types of planning and you have been able to form an opinion on the question : are printable planners worth it.

What have you discovered? Could you add more ideas to what I have stated here? Maybe you have been making printable planners, but you are in a rut and wonder are they worth it? If so I hope you were inspired.

If not, maybe you could read: 10 Ways to Stay Organized Without a Planner

Thanks so much for being here today. I value each and every one of my readers and it means a lot that you see value in being here.

Please share below – what type of planner is your go-to, and what inspires you to keep using it?

Thanks again,


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