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5 Planner Design Hacks To Make Your Planner Beautiful

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picture of a hand drawn graphic of a planner open with two hands over it. One hand has a pen and is writing in the planner. Part of an article - 5 planner design hacks to make a planner beautiful.

5 planner design hacks to make your planner beautiful are:

  • 1 Draw things in pencil first.
  • 2 Keep your planner cover design simple.
  • 3 Design your sections [yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily] one at a time.
  • 4 Have some style rules for yourself.
  • 5 Know the layout designs you will use.

Planner Design Hacks – Introduction

Maybe you have seen gorgeous planners, but you know there is something off – the layouts don’t work for you, the colors aren’t right, etc. Is there a perfect planner?

Well, I am guiding people in the journey to build your planner, that’s right, you can create your own dream planner that you love to pick up every day. In this post we are going to delve into the world of planner design. Let’s get moving..

How to make my planner look nice?

This is what every planner girl wants, a planner that looks nice.

It can be done if you follow the planner design hacks talked about below, but it will require some effort on your part.

Planners looking nice don’t usually happen by magic. And unfortunately they are often the result of many mistakes along the way.

I know for myself, I have changed my planner design many times and have continued to learn from all the things I have scrapped.

That’s why I am able to write this blog post – I have the experience of trying so many different planner design ideas that I can now pass on to you what I have learned.

So here are my planner design tips:

1. Draw things in pencil first

Take the time! It’s worth it.

Measure Twice – Cut Once

I think that is a saying used in word work, but it fits with designing and making your planner too.

I have so often made terrible mistakes that are very hard to undo.

But if you take the time to draw a quick pencil sketch of something first, it gives you an overview and you can tweak it easily, saving you much more time later.

Please remember – it’s a quick sketch, this is not the finished planner, you do not need it to look pretty, it is simply a process of giving you a quick guide for what you will do later. Non-straight lines are absolutely ok at this point.

2. Keep your planner cover design simple

Now this is purely my own opinion. If you like the full on look then by all means go for it. But this is why I think a simple planner cover is a good option..

Quite often we use a planner for a whole year. That’s a long time to see the same book cover every day.

From my own experience when I have made planner covers I have regretted the over decoration. I have in the long run preferred when I kept the cover very simple.

If you want to see some free planner cover designs check out these.

If you want help in know how to make an eco-friendly discbound planner cover then you might like to read:

Sustainable Planning: Create Your Own Eco Friendly Planner [Discbound]

Below is a picture of a simple design I personally like. All it takes is a cute pen you like and a ruler..

Picture of a discbound planner showing a very simple design for a planner cover. Part of an article - 5 planner design hacks to make your planner beautiful.

3. Design your sections one at a time.

It is very easy to start getting lost in what you create and before you know it you have all these pdf printables and you don’t know what is what.

This is why I say – be organized!

When making planners now, I start with yearly planners. I create the layouts first then I go in and add decoration after. All of these get saved to one folder entitled yearly spreads.

Then I move on to monthly and weekly and daily planner spreads.

The great thing about doing one section at a time is that if you have to break off, you know where you are and you can start back the next time you are working on them.

4. Have some style rules for yourself

When it comes to planner design inspiration is everywhere!

It is so easy to see beautiful spreads and decide that you want to recreate them and that’s great, but if you keep doing that you are not going to have a very cohesive planner.

That’s fine if you like the random look – knock yourself out.

If however you like a planner design to flow all the way through, then you want some style rules – it’s like making a capsule wardrobe with clothes.

A great tip is to find your personal planner style.

Once you have done this you can keep the colors decorations and designs all within a palette that you are going to love every day for the whole year!

5. Know the layout designs you will use

Picture of some paper pages stacked on top of each other. The title says 5 planner design hacks to make a planner beautiful. It also has a logo for build your planner.

This is one that you may not get right with your first planner – and that is ok, it has taken me many, many planners to see what layouts I really feel I need and will continually use.

Again there are many layout designs that you can find, on social media, on the internet – go see what layouts you think will work.

I will suggest that a good tip is to start with basic spreads that you know you NEED. Then add some others later if you WANT.

The reason for this is that it can be very depressing to have created lots of spreads and then find that a lot of them stay empty in your planner. It isn’t very motivating.

So – start simple and build up as you want to.


Did you agree with my planner design hacks?

Do you have any others that you want to share? By all means leave them in the comments below, I know I want to know about them.

Finally, thanks so much for being here and I hope you think about looking around – especially at the coming soon page.

Please do share with me your planner design stories and any other questions you want me to answer.

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