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Reviews of 3 Free Digital Planners for GoodNotes

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Picture of a woman looking at a digital planner. Part of an article - reviews of 3 free digital planners for goodnotes

This post is a full and honest review of 3 free digital planners for GoodNotes. I am not affiliated with any of the makers, so this is an honest and personal opinion. I hope you find them helpful in your digital planning journey.

Free Digital Planners – Introduction

Here is a little explanation of how I came to find these planners. I recently having been getting into the world of digital planning. 

The first free one that I came across was Rylee Autumn’s, she talked about it on her YouTube channel, which I follow. I then finally got the IPad I had been wanting, and GoodNotes, so was able to start trying it.

Then, I started to think about what other planner freebies are there out there. So, for the record, the other two planners were as a result of searching on google using the search ’free digital planners for GoodNotes’.


Without further ado, let’s get into these 3 free planners, look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Paperlike Digital Planner

  • WHERE TO GET = Paperlike
  • OVERVIEW = Dated. It contains ’how to use it’ information. It has Monthly, Weekly and Daily pages. There is also a yearly overview page. The monthly pages have a tab for week number. All pages are Hyperlinked. Subscription is required before you can get the free download.
Picture of a calendar in Paperlike digital planner. Part of an article ‘reviews of 3 free digital planners for goodnotes’

What I Think –

I found this to be very impressive in terms of planning and productivity! It’s a wonderful free resource if you want to get organized fast and don’t want to spend time making your own stuff.

This can get you set up very quickly, for planning, it’s all there and ready to go. You can click straight on the day and just start planning for that day. How cool is that!!

I found the week number very helpful and since it’s hyperlinked you can go to that week and get planning. 

This is a basic planner. I cannot in any way complain because it is an amazing free resource but remember it is a basic planner. There are no goal setting pages for the months or weeks. 

On the daily page there is a ’Top Priority’ section and a blank box for adding what you want. This is really helpful, but I think many people would want that for the weeks and months too.


This is a fantastic resource for sheduling and organizing your time. The daily pages are what make this planner a complete win in my book!

This paperlike digital planner is amazing!

DASHPLANNER Digital Planner

  • OVERVIEW = Dated 2022 Planner. It has Hyperlinks. Contains yearly overview, and quarterly overview. It has a Lists page and a Notes page. For each month there is a calendar and a monthly overview. There are no weekly or daily pages. Subscription is needed before download of the planner.
A calendar from the DASHPLANNER digital planner. Part of an article - reviews of 3 free digital planners for goodnotes

What I Think –

This planner has the most gorgeous cover that I have ever seen in a digital planner. As soon as I opened the download it felt like I was getting something of real quality

The look of the whole planner really appeals to me, it has a simple, light clean look. Of course with digital planners you can so quickly add colour if you want but it is a fabulous base to start from.

I really liked the extra pages in this..the quarterly overview is simple but effective. The lists page is fantastic..things to read, watch and research.

The down side is the lack of weekly or daily pages. It stops at the monthly overview. But there are great features of that overview page.

It has a lovely sections for home, work/school, and personal. It also has a dot grid section for notes, a task box and important dates section. It really makes for a fantastic overview.


A great yearly planner! As it only contains yearly and monthly pages it is more of a yearly planner than day to day organizer. The list page is the best feature!

I really love this DASHPLANNER digital planner.

Rylee Autumn Digital Planner

  • WHERE TO GET = Rylee Autumn
  • OVERVIEW = Undated. Bullet journal style. Customizable. It has Hyperlink tabs. Has a real planner look. Has monthly and weekly planner pages. Has a yearly future log. Comes with some basic digital stickers. Has the option of buying add-ons in her shop.
Picture of a calendar of Rylee Autumn digital planner.
Part of an article - reviews of 3 free digital planners for goodnotes

What I Think –

This is an amazing resource to try digital bullet journaling. As I mentioned in the ’Overview’ this is an undated planner. So the picture you see is a decorated version. Actually for the title and the dates I used the free stickers that come with the planner.

This planner is very customizable, you can make your own stickers or buy the ones that she sells on her Etsy shop. She has add-on collections like health, and wellness. 

I really love the hand drawn effect of the calendars and the weekly planners. It looks like the lines are done with pencil. 

The planner itself has a nice cover and this real book style, I personally love this and have created one with a similar effect. It feels like you are really bullet journaling.


If you want to spend time making your dream planner this is fantastic. It is so customizable and has many options. I highly recommend the Rylee Autumn digital planner.

If you want to decorate your free goodnotes planner you might like to read:

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Last Words

I found all of these 3 free digital planners for goodnotes to be amazing, each for different reasons. If you use any of these or end up trying them, please do share your comments below and tell us what you think. Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope you enjoy being here,

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