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Get Organized and Inspired: How to Start a Collection in Your Bullet Journal

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Picture of a travel journal with some travel photos stuck in. Part of an article: Get Organized and Inspired: How to Start a Collection in Your Bullet Journal

Have you heard of a ‘collection’? Let’s get inspired to start a collection in your bullet journal today!

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Start a collection in your bullet journal – Intro

Let’s face it—we all love collecting things. Whether it’s stamps, or postcards, it’s fun to keep gathering objects that have meaning to us. But where do you keep this growing pile of treasures?

Your bullet journal, of course!

If you aren’t already using a bullet journal (often shortened to “BuJo”) as a productivity and organization system, you’re missing out.

A bullet journal is a customizable notebook that helps you track tasks, appointments, goals, and everything else in your life. But its flexibility also makes it a fantastic place to house your collections.

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What Exactly is a Bullet Journal Collection?

What is a collection in bullet journal ?

It can be thought of as chapters of a book. A collection in a bullet journal is a section where all things related to one topic can be kept together in one place.

Here are some bullet journal collection ideas:

  • Travel plans: [My favorite] Itinerary, places to stay, restaurants to try, packing lists.
  • Book tracker: Books you’ve read, books to read, favorite quotes, author wishlists.
  • Gift ideas: A running list of present ideas for friends and family.
  • Habit tracker: Monitoring your progress on goals like exercise, water intake, or meditation.
  • Mood tracker: A colorful log of your daily emotional state.

The possibilities are endless! I’m sure you can think of some that you would like in your bullet journal.

I will say that many use each month as a collection in their bullet journal, by using a different theme each month, it can be considered a collection.

Benefits of Keeping Collections in Your Bullet Journal

The benefits of bullet journal collections really are impressive. Let’s talk about some of them here.

  • Organization: Think of bullet journal collections as a filing system within your bullet journal. You will never be flicking through your bullet journal wondering where on earth you wrote down the name of that book you wanted to buy next. It really does help you keep your bullet journal organized.
  • Inspiration: Many people have collections of things they love so your collection pages become a source of joy and creativity. Many will decorate the pages. For example, if you had a meals collection think how inspired you would be if you have lots of fruit and veg along the borders of your pages.
Picture of veg surrounding a notebook. Part of an article: Get Organized and Inspired: How to Start a Collection in Your Bullet Journal
  • Tracking: Easily visualize patterns and progress on projects or habits. This is especially helpful for hobby projects. You might for example want to mark where you are on a knitting pattern and always know your progress.
  • Personalization: You will end up with a notebook full of YOUR favorite things. This is one of the best benefits of bullet journal collections.

How to Start a Bullet Journal Collection

Ready to try a collection? Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose Your Topic: The most important step! Think about these questions:
    1. “What am I passionate about?” (books, movies, recipes, fitness)
      • **”What do I want to track?” ** (goals, habits, finances)
    2. “What do I consistently need to reference?” (project notes, contact lists)
  • Create a Page: Turn to a fresh page in your bullet journal and write the name of your collection at the top in a fun, eye-catching way.
  • Design Your Layout: This one needs a lot of thought, so definitely don’t rush this step:
    • Lists: Simple bulleted lists are perfect for tracking and quick reference.
    • Tables or Trackers: Perfect for visualizing progress.
    • Doodles and Decorations: Add some personality!
  • Index It: Add your collection’s title and page number to your bullet journal’s index. This makes it super easy to find.


  • Fill It Up: Start populating your collection. Whenever you come across something related to your topic, jot it down!
Background image of different stationery bits, like calculator and ruler. In the middle is a title: Get Organized and Inspired: How to Start a Collection in Your Bullet Journal

Some examples of bullet journal collections

  • “Movies to Watch”: Track films you’re excited about, add your review after seeing them, and include a star rating. Get creative with popcorn doodles!
  • “Recipe Favorites”: Organize the recipes you love and those you want to try. Use symbols to track dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, etc.).
  • ”Book Club”: Similar to the movies one, have a review options, progress trackers and lists of books you might want to check out
  • “Gratitude Log”: A dedicated daily space to write a few things you are grateful for—it’s wonderful for boosting positivity.

Bonus Tips

If you want to start a collection in your bullet journal here are some essentials to consider:

  • Be patient: Collections grow over time. Don’t get discouraged if they start sparsely.
  • Use color: Use colorful pens and highlighters to add flair and make it easier to scan information.
  • Reference your collections: Make a habit of regularly flipping through your collections for a dose of organization and inspiration.


Is it Time to Start Collecting??

Hopefully you have been able to come to the same conclusion as I have, I want to get going on a few new collections in my bullet journal.

Right now I have a ‘HABIT’ collection and a ‘5 YEAR DIARY’ collection. But there are many more that I still want to try.

Do you fancy trying any? Have you seen the benefits, the how to guide, and the examples and thought – I am going to try this?

Let me know in the comments below what kind of collections you plan to start!


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