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5 Effortless Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for Beginners

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Picture of a bullet journal open and a hand is holding a pen and written on the page is ‘I am grateful for’. Part of an article: 5 Effortless Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for Beginners

Sometimes when you are learning something for the first time you need to start super simple. So here are 5 effortless bullet journal monthly spread ideas for beginners that will have you mastering the basics in no time at all.

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Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for Beginners – Introduction.

In previous blog posts I have given some suggestions for getting started at the beginning of your bullet journal.

So now we are going to move into your monthly spreads. There are so many of these. Maybe you have tried a google search for: bullet journaling for beginners monthly spreads. I bet the amount of results was overwhelming.

Ultimately you want to know which ones will be quick and easy and get you planning your month in no time. Well, let’s get started then.


It is a page that introduces your month. This is a bit embarrassing but let me show you the very first monthly cover page I did in a bullet journal:

A picture of a bullet journal page with the word August on it and 3 arrows to the side. Part of an article: 5 Effortless Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for Beginners

Apart from the fact that the photo is bad, look at how simple it is. When we are starting our first bullet journal we do not have all our bullet journal ducks in a row yet.


A cover page is good to include because it of two reasons: it gives us a break between the planning pages and secondly it gives us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles a little if we are interested in the aesthetic of our bullet journal.

How to do it

As you see from the picture, it can be that all you do is write the name of the month on the page and move onto the planning pages.

If you want to add a little more decoration, you could think of adding a super simple doodle like a leaf or flower.

Don’t forget you can just do a nice color border with a highlighter and leave it at that. You don’t have to go wild right at the start. Look at these examples of cover pages.

Every easy monthly bullet journal setup needs a way of planning your events and appointments for the month. We do this by a calendar or monthly log.


A calendar looks like a calendar that you would see in all planners, it lays out the days by week horizontally.

A monthly log has the dates [e.g. 1-31] written down the left hand side of the page and then you put your events and appointments on the line of the right date.

The monthly log is easier, but the calendar is more aesthetic.

Personally calendar pages are my favorite to look at. You can make a super simple one.

How to do it

Since I am giving you bullet journal monthly spread ideas for beginners I will say the easiest is just writing the dates down the left and do a monthly log.

If you do want to make a calendar, check out the blog post mentioned above.

Here is a super simple formula though:

LEFT PAGE: Count 2 dots up from the bottom of the page and 2 dots in from the right of the page. Draw a horizontal line that goes across 24 spaces. Count 6 spaces up and draw another horizontal line the same. Do this 4 more times, you will now have 5 rows. You can now draw vertical lines every 6 spaces too if you wish. This will give you boxes for 4 days, either Sunday to Wednesday, or Monday to Thursday.

RIGHT PAGE: Do the same thing: 2 dots up but this time 2 dots in from the left of the page. Draw the horizontal line across 18 spaces. Then do the same as the left page. Repeat the horizontal lines and then do your vertical lines.

FINISH: Finish off by writing in the days of the week at the top and then add your dates.

Picture of a gratitude journal and the title says:
New Post! 5 Effortless Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for Beginners. READ


This is one of the most quick and simple bullet journal monthly spreads that you can do.

It basically is the same as the monthly log, but the purpose is different.

With this spread you can make it a gratitude log or something fun log – anything you want really

How to do it

To do this simple bullet journal monthly layout you really just need to write the date numbers down the page and write the focus on the page as a title then decorate it as you want.

When doing bullet journal monthly spread ideas for beginners I think it’s really important to include a page when you can do notes, jot down thoughts, or even memories if you want to do that.


Especially when starting out, it’s easy to be unsure about what you want to include in your planner. So at the beginning include in your easy monthly bullet journal setup a page when you can include your random thoughts. It will give you direction for the months ahead.

How to do it

This is the amazing part, all that is required is your title of choice and any decoration you want.

Bullet journaling for beginners monthly spreads includes a weekly page. It means that you can plan each day of an upcoming week for the win!

There are so many options for weekly spreads though. Why not try this simple one:

Picture of a very simple weekly spread in a bullet journal. There are just 8 simple boxes. Part of an article: 5 Effortless Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for Beginners

How to do it

You create a cross section so you have 4 equal boxes, across 2 pages this gives you 8 boxes. This is one for each day of the week plus a spare one that you can do what you want with it.

Other Options

Of course there are so many other ideas for what you could include. You might want to start a collection like a reading log, a recipe book or tracking different hobbies and interests you have.



A monthly bullet journal should absolutely include some kind of calendar or monthly log. Another important element should be your weekly setup pages. Consider too adding a cover page at the beginning and a blank page as a notes or brain dump page.

I hope you see that an easy monthly bullet journal set up is within reach even if you are a beginner.

You just need to include the right quick and simple bullet journal monthly spreads that suit you.

Did you enjoy these bullet journal monthly spread ideas for beginners? Let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for being here today.


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