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7 Creative Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

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Picture of a bullet journal yearly cover page. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

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Are you set up for the new year yet? Or are you still looking for yearly bullet journal layout ideas? If you are you might find these unique designs are what you are looking for.

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Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas – Introduction

If you are anything like me that at some point before sitting down and making my yearly bujo spreads I will end up searching for some ideas and inspiration.

My thought is that if I do it every year, so must other people.

But I want to provide a nice range, so here are some usual spreads that people use and also I’ve added some unique yearly bullet journal ideas.

Let’s jump in.

[I should mention my bullet journal is digital but you can also just use these ideas in a physical notebook too]

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1. Cover Page with a Difference

So here you see my 2024 cover page, but as you can see I’ve added some extras. Let me explain.

Picture of a bullet journal yearly cover page. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

So I decided to use the left for the year title. But on the right I have space for a quote and there are 12 boxes.

I put a bible verse in the quote area because that is what I like, but you could use it for a yearly theme word, or your favorite quote or manta.

The 12 boxes again can be use for different ideas. I use mine to write my monthly focus word for each month of the year, but you could also use it to write your monthly bujo theme, or your biggest memory. Anything like that.

See more yearly cover page ideas.

2. Routines Page

Here you will see a set up both for a weekly routine and a daily routine.

Picture of a bullet journal routines page. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

I like to have a general idea of what my ideal day or week looks like, that’s why I created this page.

On the left is a weekly layout that has 3 boxes per day, that’s morning, afternoon, and evening.

Then on the right I will write in a little list for my morning routine, my evening routine etc. This includes what daily cleaning I do and chores like feeding and playing with my cat.

3. Important Dates

This as you can see has 2 elements to it. A checklist and an important dates section.

A bullet journal important dates page with a monthly checklist section too. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

When you see other yearly bujo spreads you will see that there are different ways of doing important dates. Some put important dates straight into their future log. Some have them on a separate page.

For me I like to keep my future log for events [see the next point].

So I use this page to log wedding anniversaries and death anniversaries and other bits that I want to remember.

What is the checklist for, I hear you ask?

It is my planning plan. That’s right it is where I write all the things I want to do when I am monthly planning, so it has things like – events, budget, work, date night, etc.

It helps me not to forget any step in my monthly planning routine.

4. Future Log

No bullet journal yearly spreads ideas list would be complete without a future log. Many bullet journalists myself included, rely heavily on this spread.

A bullet journal yearly future log page. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

This is a fairly standard layout, the only bit that is maybe a little bit different is that I start from February. That leaves me with a box at the end that I use for ‘next year’. As I get near to the end of the Year I find this box really helpful. And since I usually go straight into planning my January spreads after my yearly spreads, I decided I don’t really need it in my future log.

5. Self-Care

So this is one of the unique yearly bullet journal ideas. Each person has different needs from their bullet journal so this one I suppose is unique to me.

A yearly bullet journal self-care page. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

It contains a goal section on the left. The first column is ‘TYPE’. This is to indicate is it a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual goal. The next column is ‘THE GOAL’ and is naturally a section to write down a goal.

The third column is ‘T/R/H/P’. This stands for – task/repeating task/habit/project. So this tells me what kind of goal it is and how best to plan it. The last column is ‘WHEN’ and naturally is telling me when to do the goal.

This year in my yearly bujo spreads I wanted to include a weight tracker, because I want to lose some weight. So I have a weekly weigh-in here.

Lastly I have a section for reading. Again, it is something I want to do more of. So I have a ‘books to read’ and a ‘finished books’ section.

What do you thing of the yearly bullet journal layout ideas so far, would you try any of them?

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6. Memories

This, as you can see, is a lovely open blank canvas.

A bullet journal memories page - a fairly blank page where photos will be added. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

You might notice that beside the word – memories I have Q1. That is because I have 4 of these pages, 1 for each quarter.

Because my bullet journal is digital, I will be able to fill this up with photos and drawings that will nicely fill out some memories for the years for me.

7. Quarterly Dashboard

This might be included in unique yearly bullet journal ideas, because I don’t see too many doing quarterly planning in their bullet journal. Here is mine:

Picture of a bullet journal quarterly dashboard. There are boxes for each of the months and for goals. Part of an article - 7 Yearly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

On the left I have 3 boxes – One off tasks, Reoccurring tasks, and Projects.

This relates to the goals page I talked about earlier. I add the goal points in here that I had set for the first quarter.

On the right is a box for each of the different months in the quarter, which helps me gather all the information and put it into a list for the specific month.

How to Organize your Bullet Journal

So we have seen some yearly bullet journal layout ideas, but how do you organize them into your bullet journal. I have seen this question a lot:


The best pages to put at the start are reference pages, such as index, etc. Then put your yearly planning pages next, things you will need all year. Then add a month at a time with all your monthly and weekly planning pages.

My suggestion is if you want to do daily planning – keep that in a separate little planner.

What about theme ideas?

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I am sure with the ideas you have gathered you will be all set for planning a great year. There are so many bullet journal yearly spread ideas to be found so don’t stop your search if you didn’t find what you were looking for here.

Please add a comment if you have some yearly bujo spreads that you can’t live without.

Thanks so much for being here today.


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